CAS No.: 26172-55-4
Molecular Fomula: C4H4ClNOS
Molecular weight: 149.6
Appearance: liquid
Assay: 14%

Feel free to

CMIT+MIT %   14min

PH                       2-4

CMIT/MIT       2.5-3.5


It is used to treat industrial circulating water and play the role of sterilization and algal killing. It is a widely used bactericidal preservative that can effectively kill algae, bacteria and fungi. The active single agent can be widely used in industrial cooling water, oil tank water, paper industry, pipeline, paint, oil Chemicalbook paint, rubber, cosmetics, photographic film and washing products and other industries. The effective dosage is small, non-toxic and pollution-free, easy to be mixed in various formulations, PH is widely used, and after diluting the use concentration, it is easy to be biodegraded into non-toxic and pollution-free substances
1 year
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