Colorless transparent liquid

Glycerol triglycidyl ether

CAS No.: 13236-02-7
Molecular Fomula: C12H20O6
Molecular weight: 260.28
Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid
Assay: 100~200 Viscosity 25℃ mPa.s

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Item Specifications
Color APHA ≤60
Viscosity 25℃ mPa.s 100~200
Epoxy Value eq/100g 0.65-0.70
Epoxy Equivalent g/eq 143~154
Hydrolyzable chlorine eq/100g ≤0.01
Inorganic chlorine eq/100g ≤0.005
Moisture Content % ≤0.1
Glycerol of glycerol contains three epoxy groups, and the crosslinking density is high. As a reactive diluent for epoxy resin, 5%-20% has good mechanical properties such as tensile strength, flexural strength, compressive strength and impact strength after curing. At the same time, it can reduce the viscosity of the system, improve the wettability of pigments and fillers, and have low volatility. It can also be used as a fiber wrinkle treatment agent, and for electronic sealing, coating, building adhesive and adhesives. It is also used as a crosslinking agent for polyurethane emulsion, 1-5%, as the main agent
Should be stored in a cool place where they will be protected from extreme temperatures.
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